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Get your sales chart trend to grow with our sales training program. We only provide best practices for sales reps and sales leaders! It is available to you now.
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sales training

yTalent, because it's essential to be surrounded by high-performers


From the first point of contact to start date, it takes less than a few days. It depends on the complexity of the assignment.

We carry out tasks that can take from a few hours to several months. Contact us and tell us more about your project!

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Type of tasks
Type of tasks

-> Sales coaching of leaders
-> Sales coaching of sales reps
-> Onboarding strategy
-> Sales projects
-> Interim Head of Sales/CSO


The pricing differs from task to task. The hourly rate starts from €134 excl. VAT.
Contact us to to find out more.

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yTalent, because what you need is a recruitment agency that is alleviating the unnecessary stress from the hiring process, while using data to ensure you get the right hire.

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