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We know the struggle of finding the first key hires in a startup. It can mean make-it-or-break-it! Rest assured, we will take care of the entire recruitment process from A-Z, which will be tailored to your needs.

On this page, you can read more about the process and terms.

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Terms and Conditions


We will tailor the process to your needs. An example of a timeline: three weeks for hiring a Head of Sales for one client, while going through this thorough process.


yTalent takes care of all the candidate communication, from first to the last step. All while making sure it reflects greatly on your brand.


Our pricing structure has two parts. Upfront payment, which will always be €1.275 no matter the requirements. The remaining part is a success fee, which will be activated when we hire a candidate for you.
The full pricing starts from €5.040, excl. VAT, depending on the requirements.


The success fee is a no-cure-no-pay! yTalent has two months of exclusivity. If we can't find the right candidate, you don't have to pay the success fee!


The recruitment package gives you a two-month warranty. If the person gets fired within the first two months of employment, you will be granted your next hire for free.


To be more scalable, a short ramp-up time and a MRR that's continuously growing is the answer. But, it's easier said than done. Which is why we have created the solution for you. Tailored processes that will help you reach your KPI's.

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yTalent, because what you need is a recruitment agency that is alleviating the unnecessary stress from the hiring process, while using data to ensure you get the right hire.

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