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Download a step-by-step recruitment guide focusing on recruitment secrets for hiring Junior Sales Representatives for startups. In this guide, you’ll discover secrets that most recruiters won’t tell you.

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It can be frustrating to find the right talent. Especially when there is a recorded talent gap. 69% of employers find it difficult to fill in their open roles. This can get even more difficult when you don’t really know who is your ideal candidate.

Dansk Erhverv conducted a survey with Danish entrepreneurs, and they found out that 39% of them see talent recruitment as one of the most significant barriers to successful growth.

Download this guide and you’ll discover effective methods that you can apply today in your hiring process for the Junior Sales Rep position.

You will learn:

  • 4 steps in your hiring process
  • Creating Ideal Candidate profile for Junior Sales Rep position
  • How to write an effective job description
  • You’ll get an interview template with pre-filled questions and a grading system

To download the free guide, simply fill out the form to the right.

yTalent, because what you need is a recruitment agency that is alleviating the unnecessary stress from the hiring process, while using data to ensure you get the right hire.

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