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yTalent, because what you need is a high-performer.

Data driven
Data driven

Gut-feeling is important when hiring a candidate, but it should never stand alone. Therefore, we make sure that our clients can take the important decisions based on relevant data.

Comparison model
Comparison model

How can you assess one candidate without comparing them against others? Our comparison model gives you the possibility to do just that and includes all the facts you need.


We believe that transparency is important, therefore, we give insights to both the companies, as well as, candidates during the whole hiring process. You should always know what the status is.


You need to feel safe during the whole process and be sure that we know what we are doing. Hence, we focus on commercial profiles, as we have an extensive network and knowledge within this field.

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yTalent, because what you need is a recruitment agency that is alleviating the unnecessary stress from the hiring process, while using data to ensure you get the right hire.

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