pre-employment assessment
Start using pre-employment testing to hire based o...

Hiring the right people remains one of the most challenging and time-consuming tasks to do in a startup. If you don’t have experience in recruitment, it can be challenging to choose the right candidate and not make a mistake in

AI is here to reshape the recruitment industry.

During a recruitment process, one of the most common complaints from the candidate perspective is the time it takes to hear back from a recruiter, if they hear from the recruiter at all. Most of the candidates don’t get responses,

data in recruitment
Your recruitment bias is killing your business. Da...

The traditional recruitment process heavily relies on intuition and gut feeling more than on data. This is how it is now and how it has been for decades, but it raises a question. Why is it that a hiring method

Remote work
Remote work is taking the world by storm.

Remote work has been on the rise for some time now. According to Flexjobs report, “over the last five years, the number of people working remotely has grown by 44%”, and when the pandemic hit, the hand of many firms

Founders, don’t ignore burnouts! You wonR...

As a startup business owner, you managed to hire an excellent employee who successfully passed your onboarding process and is highly motivated to go above and beyond. Everything seems to go in the right direction, your new hire exceeds all

Why networking is essential to your business caree...

What most successful people in the business industry realize is the fact that networking is very important. But how important? If you think about the benefits one by one you will start realizing, very quickly, that it is absolutely essential.

first sales hire
Have you been missing out on quality sales reps?

There is no secret in telling that the modern recruiting landscape has become more complex and competitive than ever. HRs and recruiters from various companies are fighting a talent war, where the hiring process and its quality is often the

startup jobs
Should I join a startup during a pandemic?

You might be wondering if it’s a good time to apply to join a startup. After all, the global pandemic hit hard on most businesses, so how can a startup company survive this economic downturn? Has any successful business started

yTalent, because what you need is a recruitment agency that is alleviating the unnecessary stress from the hiring process, while using data to ensure you get the right hire.

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